About us


TrackGen is a unique R&D, software and consulting company with a highly focused interest in multisensor-multitarget tracking. In the last 20 years, the researchers at TrackGen have published nearly 300 highly-cited peer-reviewed research articles and collaborated with top researchers and practitioners in the world on real-world tracking problems and systems.

Our experience and expertise have been transformed into multiple software products that have been used in real systems and tested with real data. These COTS tools are available for licensing, customization and integration into your systems. In addition, we can conduct an in-depth research into your problem, create innovative solutions and develop highly customized software that precisely meets your needs.


Our vision is to develop advanced algorithms, state-of-the-art software and customized solutions that are capable of processing large amounts of data and extract all the information therein in order to give you the best performance. We justify the performance of our solutions by advanced theory and validate them through experiments on real and realistically simulated data. We bring our knowledge and experience into our R&D and our software to give you the advantages of sophisticated modern algorithms.


Our expertise is highly focused: we track anything that moves using any sensor data.

Our team members received their advanced degrees (MS and PhD) in tracking, information fusion, radar/sonar/video processing, sensor management and computational methods. They are experts in target tracking, information fusion, estimation theory, optimization and computational methods.

We are not only into developing novel algorithms and publishing them, but we also work with real-world tracking problems and transition them to fielded systems.

We have worked with a multitude sensors (e.g., radar, sonar, video, EO/IR, AIS/ADS-B, ESA and multistatic) and scenarios (air, space, ground, maritime and underwater) with application to surveillance, safety & security, search & rescue, air traffic control, ground transportation, shipping, video tracking, crowd monitoring and bio-medical systems.


Our team members have published more than 300 research articles, including one standard text book, 4 edited volumes, 11 book chapters, 80 journal articles, 215 conference papers, 1 US patent and 10 technical reports, on various aspects of target tracking, information fusion and sensor data processing in the last 20 years.